SPIDI Warrior Net is the most sporty summer motorcycle jacket made in 3D high abrasion resistant mesh and laminated fabric in the impact zones. Equipped with Forcetech protectors, it features external Warrior shields on the shoulders and a removable Windout membrane.
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SPIDI Warrior Net is the most sporty summer motorcycle jacket made in 3D high abrasion resistant mesh and laminated fabric in the impact zones. Equipped with Forcetech protectors, it features external Warrior shields on the shoulders and a removable Windout membrane.






Technical features


Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector

Arrangement for Warrior chest protector Lev. 1 Z138

Arrangement for Thorax Warrior Chest Z157

Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54

Arrangement for back protector CE Lev. 2 Z167

Arrangement for back protector CE Lel. 2 Z147

Warrior shields on shoulders

Multitech removable protectors CE certified En 1612-1:2012 shoulders protectors

Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 elbows


Arrangement for optional H2Out lining X47 man

Arrangement for optional thermo lining L30 man

Windproof breathable garment Windout


Pants clip to join jacket/trousers


Average weight 1,5 Kg

Step in Clothing: layered clothing system optional

Two jackets in one


Adjustable waist fastening


High tenacity polyester fabric

Elasticized fabric

Reflex zones for night-riding

Punched mesh fabric

  • Technology



Modularity, this term has written the history of architecture and design in the whole world. SPIDI, always very interested to seize the most important technological innovations and to translate them into the motorcycle world, developed the STEP-IN CLOTHING Technology. The project took full form in 1998 with the presentation of the very first ERGO jacket. The Step-In-Clothing system is based on a similar research made in the military aeronautical apparel. At the base of the system there's a "shell” conceived to accommodate the different internal linings; four combinations can be set to respond to a variety of temperatures. The precious work made by the Safety Lab led to the exclusive STEP-IN CLOTHING project, which redefines the concept of adventure apparel and opens new horizons of freedom. A simple but revolutionary concept. The primary advantage for the rider is to change or replace the inner liners; this allows to adapt the protection to different weather conditions. In SPIDI, we know how COMFORT and SAFETY have a fundamental role while riding on two wheels, and STEP-IN-CLOTHING offers a new way of travelling, so the rider can concentrate on the road and admire the landscape.



More and more products are now made using fabrics. Cowhide, excellent material for the production of motorcycle apparel, is being replaced by lighter, less expensive and easier to wash materials; therefore the challenge is to find an equally durable fabric. Spidi dedicated a lot of resources to find the best materials to equip riders and therefore created a standard to identify the best fabrics: TexTech. The peculiar TexTech has water repellency, perspiration, windbreaking, shear strength and abrasion resistance. Each supply is tested by the SAFETY LAB to ensure the required performances. The TexTech technology is applied to all the products with textile materials, except for the H2Out category. All these fabrics are studied by SPIDI in collaboration with the best producers in the world. The lifestyle of people traveling on two wheels is dynamic and active, it is important to stay protected wearing the best materials, TexTech is the answer.



By continuous research and experience, gained from Safety Lab, comes a new technology signed by SPIDI, synthesis of history and innovation, two founding values of the Brand. The main goal of the Safety Lab has always been focused on nding the best combination of comfort and safety. After a long time of experimentation on track, through software simulations and tests in the urban environment, engineers of the SPIDI Community created the Warrior Tech, a new technology, with a careful study of bio-mechanics and ergonomics, able to protect the rider in the most sensitive areas in the event of a fall. The never ending research in technical innovations becomes more and more accurate, reaching its peak with the performance of Warrior Tech; a technology able to respond at extreme stress. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts perfectly to the natural shapes of the human body. The most innovative value , focused in the design of its structure that enhance the possibilities offered by polymers and the nonperforming process, allows the industrial production of a protector with impact absorption capacity never reached before. With the application of the Warrior Tech inserts, the safety of the rider reaches a level with no equals, covering an important role as part of the vanguard in technical sports and opening new scenarios in mobility safety, that go far beyond the world of motorsport.

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